Full Site Preparation

Full Site Preparation

With more than 60 years of experience building in a wide range of locations, understanding the importance of quality site preparation is our expertise. Satterfield’s team has the training and equipment to provide the full range of site preparation services, setting the stage for safe, efficient construction. These services include:

Readying the Land

The first step in any construction job is to get the site ready. Satterfield Construction does this by clearing and grubbing, removal of trees, roots, stumps, brush, and structures, and disposal of refuse materials.

Once the site is prepared for construction, Satterfield quickly moves on to:

Excavation & Grading

During the excavation process Satterfield Construction will move earth, rock and other materials and level the site with skilled operators.

Most sites will have underground utilities, which can include water, gas, and sewer.

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