Design Build

Design Build

In providing quality roads for its citizens, the South Carolina Department of Transportation has long understood the benefits of design build. This highway planning and construction process saves money while giving contractors more flexibility to do the best job possible. Satterfield Construction offers efficient design build services across South Carolina.

Design Build Services from Satterfield Construction

In design build projects, Satterfield Construction begins by considering what the state wants built. We then submit proposals to the SCDOT, and if accepted, we assume all responsibilities for designs and construction. This process enhances our efforts in many ways, including:

  • Reduced Delays– Because we don’t have to wait for the design to be finished before bidding, design build lets us begin preparing for construction while we are still completing designs. This speeds up the process and reduces the risk that we will overlook essential materials.
  • Tailored Processes– In design build, we take care of the designs ourselves rather than receiving them from the state. As a result, we can consider our unique resources and skills and come up with a design that best takes advantage of them.
  • Lower Costs;– By letting us take advantage of our existing strengths and avoid delays, design build reduces the labor necessary to complete each project, thereby lowering costs.

Design build gives Satterfield Construction the opportunity for improved quality and efficiency, and we never hesitate to take advantage of such an opportunity. Through asphalt manufacturing and recycling, full site preparation and other enhancements, we expand on the benefits of design build to ensure productive projects. Discover more about building quality roads at minimal cost, begin today.