From the most massive metropolitan areas to the tiniest towns, municipal governments need roads, parking lots and other paved structures to serve their constituents effectively. Satterfield Construction has extensive experience with municipal construction in South Carolina. By providing affordable construction in a wide variety of locations, we save local governments money, while providing safe, convenient transportation for their constituents.

Municipal Services from Satterfield Construction

Satterfield offers a range of road construction and enhancement services for South Carolina municipalities. These include:

  • New Road Construction — Satterfield has the equipment and expertise to build new roads in virtually any location. Because we make our own asphalt in plants located in South Carolina and Georgia, we have no trouble getting enough material to build new roads at a moment’s notice. We also provide site preparation.
  • Road Repair — Whether due to cracks, potholes or swells, municipal roads require frequent repairs. Through asphalt milling, we can eliminate these structural issues and restore roads to full strength. We recycle all the asphalt we remove in this process, keeping it out of the landfill and lowering our materials costs for future projects.

In providing paving services for cities, Satterfield Construction draws on our vast experience from other municipal projects, as well as from our work for the South Carolina Department of Transportation. For more information on our highway construction work and the other key services we provide, contact us today.