Highway Highlights: All About Satterfield Construction

Throughout the history of our company, Satterfield Construction has strived to build the highest quality roads and structures in South Carolina. By investing in quality training, equipment, and resources, we continue to raise the standards for construction, offering safe, sustainable highways for the Palmetto State.

Historical Highlights

Satterfield Construction began in 1954 when founder Curtis T. Satterfield first got his hands on a bulldozer and an earthmover from Boyle Construction. He quickly paid for this equipment and began expanding his operations, winning increasingly elaborate construction jobs. In 1969, he was chosen to build 22 miles of I-385 for Laurens County. To enhance this job, he purchased his company’s first asphalt plant. By the time of his death in 1973, Satterfield Construction had 3 asphalt plants and more than $17 million in sales.

After Curtis’s death, his brother Burris Satterfield took over and continued expanding the company, turning it into a preferred contractor for the South Carolina Department of Transportation. We continue to expand our services, offering asphalt milling and recycling, full site preparation, and cement modified reclamation services.

Company Principles

Satterfield Construction has always held safety as our top priority. We are also committed to environmental sustainability and rely on recycled materials to produce quality asphalt. Asphalt is 100% recyclable. Combined with our skilled workforce and state of the art equipment, we create roads and other structures that South Carolinians can be proud to use.

Satterfield Construction is always available to provide effective, efficient highway services in South Carolina. Discover more information about our methods and history, contact us now!