Whether you’re building private roads, parking lots or any other paved structures, choosing a quality contractor is essential for commercial construction projects. Experienced, skilled providers not only work quickly and affordably, but by building sturdier, safer structures they reduce potential safety issues and the need for repairs. Satterfield Construction has the personnel, materials and experience to perform the highest-quality paving jobs, providing your company with safe, sturdy structures that will last for the long haul.

The Benefits of Working with Satterfield Construction

Satterfield leaves no stone unturned in providing quality construction services for commercial clients. If you trust us to build your roads and parking lots, you can count on:

  • Low Prices – Satterfield cuts costs on multiple fronts. By making our own asphalt, we avoid the high markups charged by suppliers, reducing materials costs. We also strive to complete our projects quickly without sacrificing quality, lowering the total number of hours worked and thus labor costs.
  • Sustainable Services – Satterfield Construction recycles virtually all the asphalt we remove from damaged roads. Not only does this further reduce costs, but it keeps the asphalt out of the landfill and avoids the environmental impact of manufacturing new asphalt. Working with us, then, helps you make your company greener and appeal to eco-conscious customers.
  • Extensive Experience – Satterfield has been around since 1954, and our managers have a combined 127 years of construction experience. This leaves us perfectly prepared to handle even the most complex and demanding projects.

By improving safety and lowering your environmental footprint, Satterfield Construction helps you build a brand that you and your customers can be proud of. Act today and request a quote from us.