Heavy Highway & Civil

Heavy Highway & Civil

When it comes to construction, few projects are more challenging than heavy highways. Due to their weight, these structures require careful designs and preparation methods to stay intact and avoid damaging the surrounding environment. Satterfield Construction has the resources and expertise to keep these and other heavy civil projects stable for the long haul.

How Satterfield Construction Builds Quality Heavy Highways

Satterfield Construction takes a holistic approach to heavy highway construction. We begin by visiting the construction site, staking it out, and removing obstacles to construction. We also begin excavating drainage areas and other structures that are necessary to keep the road in good condition. Through this comprehensive site preparation process, we minimize the chance that any problems with the site will undermine the road.

Once the site is prepared and the land is solid, Satterfield begins construction. We make our own asphalt from our five plants in Augusta, Aiken, Clinton, Greenwood and Newberry, letting us ensure that our materials are high-quality. We draw on our extensive experience with state, municipal, and private projects in designing and building the highway.

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